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Studies on Spanish Theatre

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Studies on Spanish Theatre is an aesthetic and critical vision of the rich Spanish theatre, aimed at the Indian reader, who is showing a growing interest in the Hispanic world. This book describes this genre from the Golden Age, when it appeared in all its splendour, as a proof of a high degree of culture. It is not only a useful book for the specialist but also a pleasant work, so that the average reader may come in contact with texts that are not available in India.


The dramatic genre in Spain is immense, in quality and quantity. Instead of a mere list of names, titles and hasty critical judgements, the main theatrical genres have been selected, from the well-known (tragicomedy, poetic and political theatre) to those which are specially Spanish (“astracán”, “esperpento”). In order to illustrate them the most representative authors have been chosen (from classicists like Lope de Vega and Calderón to vanguardists like Lorca), along with immortal and world-famous works like Don Juan Tenorio or Life Is a Dream.