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India in the Literature of Spain

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It is a sheer coincidence in the evolution of Spanish language that in its formative stage as a Neo-Latin vernacular, it was permeated by Arab culture. In fact, those were the times when Islam had its political and cultural hegemony over almost the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. Elements of the cultural subterfuge emanating from India got ingrained in the Spanish psyche and found expression in the vastly complex area ofSpain‘s fascinating literature, enriching its Greco-Latin heritage. From then onwards, many Spanish writers carne under the sway of Indian thought and civilization in its myriad manifestations and the author has meticulously gone about his task of discovering those aspects of India, specially concerning its philosophy, religion, history, society, language and literature which have influenced Spanish literature. This work will no doubt enthuse the future generation of specialists and researchers in an important area which has so far remained precariously virgin.